Real Research Sponsored Surveys Partnering Other Blockchain Projects

Real Research Sponsored Surveys Partnering Other Blockchain Projects
  • Real Research partnered with other blockchain-based projects
  • Moreover, the project covers topics such as crypto, blockchain, economy, politics, science, technology, society, and culture.
  • Furthermore, the Real Research survey app attracts over 10 million Indian crypto users.

Real Research collaborated with other blockchain-based projects such as Basid, Homeros, and Mobilian for sponsoring surveys. Moreover, the platform provides companies a convenient place to conduct surveys and also to gather real data. 

The Real Research application released to the public in October 2020. Most of the survey users within the app are located in India. However, the survey app encourages survey participation by providing cryptocurrency as a reward. 

More so, the rewards are automatically credited within the in-app wallet. Users are rewarded between 3 TNC to 10 TNC. 

Blockchain firms sponsor surveys in collaboration with Real Research

Real Research is a secure ecosystem that focuses to cater to the research and marketing needs. The platform collaborated with the BASID, a blockchain-based payment gateway platform. Even more, the platform conducted the survey for 5 days from December 16. 

In addition, the goal of the survey is to learn more about the possibilities and potentials of integrating blockchain-based payment gateways on e-commerce platforms. Further, to know whether users interested in paying in crypto or ready to get the benefits of blockchain. 

Homeros, a blockchain-related crypto gambling platform, focuses on game development, players, and merchants. The company also conducting a survey from December 18 to 23 to know their users’ preferences on crypto gambling. Added to this, TNC coin also conducted the survey on the above said days.

Furthermore, Mobilian is a blockchain-powered platform for the driverless industry. Also conducted a survey from December 20 to 25 through the Real Research survey app in order to understand their users’ trust in autonomous vehicles.

Apart from cryptocurrency and blockchain-based surveys. The project also covers topics such as the economy, politics, science, technology, society, and culture. 

Over 10M TNC distributed to Indians

On analysis, theNewsCrypto team found that the Real Research survey app attracts over 10,000,000 Indian crypto users. Moreover, the platform offers a highly efficient, secure, and reliable ecosystem for data gathering. Through leveraging the use of smart contracts and blockchain technology. 

Nevertheless, the main goal is to help firm owners produce and deliver strong research backed-up by real and unmanipulated data. On downloading the app on Android and Apple devices for free and completing the surveys, users can receive TNC Coin.

Furthermore, users can also earn rewards by referring to friends and family.  In order to get referral rewards, users should complete Level 3 KYC. Further, users can attend more surveys on a higher level of KYC completion.

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