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XRP Ledger Foundation’s New Office in Estonia

XRP Ledger Foundation’s New Office in Estonia Blockchain News

A recent twitter post of XRP ledger foundation reveals its opening a new organization in the innovative European country, Tallinn, Estonia. This location was chosen to regulate more innovative projects and expects the arrival of XRPL devs to the office. 

XRPLF’s Innovative Organization

The non- profit organization is an independent resource focusing on the growth, innovation, and development of the XRPL and XRP community. Notably, the organization was launched on September 24, 2020. It offers software branding, packaging, and distribution to all the users of XRP Ledger. The mission of XRP ledger is to connect with diverse stakeholders to enhance and build an energetic XRP ledger ecosystem.

 Besides, it helps the developers by monitoring any fraudulent acts and prevents such situations on the software. Moreover, the XRP ledger closely works with businesses and educational universities coordinating a busy environment. 

Moreover, the opening of the new office is in Tallinn, which is the capital and most populous city of Estonia. This location is widely popular for its innovation and modern place which offers regulatory benefits for businesses. So the XRP ledger is looking forward to work with projects like, digital documentation, e-citizenship and other related digital works. 

Expectation of XRPL Blockchain

Additionally,  XRP ledger foundation is expecting the XRPL devs to arrive soon to its organization to support in building software. This XRPL is a public decentralizing blockchain which supports the developer community. In regards to the tweet, there were many interesting comments encouraging the team for an incredible future ahead. 

More so, the XRP ledger foundation (XRPLF) eagerly waits for the devs to power the XRP ledger to the next innovation. On July 17th, the XRP ledger foundation released their updated Unique node list (UNL). It consists of 40 validators including developers, nodes who took part in helping the network. 

Thus, with an efficient and reliable network the XRPL community provides the developers the source to execute demanding projects. In addition, Ripple tech is capable of converting any asset into cash or other assets. Along with an advantage of  transacting with less friction and less liquidity risks. As a record, Ripple contributed $6.5 million to the XRP ledger foundation. 

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