Fake Ledger Devices Sent to Customers to Break-in Their Private Keys

Fake Ledger Devices Sent to Customers to Break-in Their Private Keys

Ledger wallet customers are now receiving fake Ledger devices through post. These fake Ledger wallets are being sent by unknown sources. Motives are probably to encrypt their private keys and loot their cryptocurrencies.

Post of Fake Ledger Wallets

A Ledger is a hardware device which is used to store the vital critical private keys which are used for authorizing and carrying out cryptocurrency transfers. Ledger is the most renowned and trusted brand for hardware cryptocurrency wallets. Also, they extend their support to various cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, the secureness level of Ledger devices is top-notch enabling them to be the market leaders. In addition, such private key storage devices, the sole purpose is to secure your private keys completely from the potential threat of hackers and computer hacks, etc. 

Moreover, speculations have arisen recently regarding the receiving of new Ledger devices which are found to be fake. Also, the sources of these fake Ledger devices are yet to be known. These devices look exactly like the Ledger Nano X. Yet, upon further inspection, the hardware inside a few changes have been made. In addition, the parcel cover, the Ledger logos, and everything looks exactly like the original product. The device comes with a letter stating for security reasons use the new Ledger device in order to be safe. Also, it contained a manual on how to activate the device. 

Data Retrieval on All Aspects 

The fake Ledger devices were subjected to further investigation and analysis. However, new hardware connections have been found in the fake Ledger. In addition, malware software threats are also suspected. This fake Ledger once connected has the possibilities of encrypting the private keys, giving access to the private keys of the users. 

Now, using this the fraudsters could transfer all the cryptocurrencies in the users wallets to theirs. Also, another possibility is uploading of malware softwares into the users computer encrypting all the datas related to cryptocurrency and their wallets. 

Moreover, it’s well known news about the two major data leaks on the Ledger site since last year. The first took place on 14th July of last year and the second on 20th December. From this datas of nearly a million users’ email IDs and 9500 more addresses were hacked. Later all these data were posted anonymously on the internet for free. From then on such scams and fake emails are all at hell’s loose.   

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