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XRP Now Records for 3% Of the Total Crypto Market Cap

  • XRP has bounced to more than 40% in the past week. 
  • It has been the supremacy of the total market with a surge in value since the start of April.
  • Whale Alert has pointed out that XRP had the largest transaction.

XRP, the world’s fourth-largest cryptocurrency has rapidly bounced to more than 40% in the past week. At present, the cryptocurrency is trading above $1.5 with a market cap of around $72 billion.

According to Coinmarketcap, XRP has acquired significant value in the past few weeks which is nearly 3% of the total market cap of cryptocurrencies.

In addition, Bitcoin(BTC) being the dominant crypto with a market dominance of about 47.7% following up with Ethereum’s s(ETH) market dominance around 15.7% then Binance Coin(BNB) at 4.1%.

Moreover, it’s been the supremacy for XRP with a surge of total market dominance since the start of April. The cryptocurrency was trading at around $0.23 on 1st January while it is more than 500% now since the start of this year.

Recent growth in ETH, BNB, and XRP are causing a keen decline in Bitcoin’s market dominance.

Furthermore, Whale alert has pointed out that XRP had the largest transaction last weekend, that too from the Ripple Escrow wallet. The transaction of crypto worth around $1 billion has been reported in the last 3 days.

More so, Whale Alert highlighted the transmission of XRP coins about 7 million from a digital wallet to cryptocurrency exchange, Huobi.

Additionally, the overall market cap of cryptocurrency around $2.27 trillion on Monday which is the highest record level. The report says that the total difference between XRP and BNB is around $20 billion at present. Bitcoin(BTC), the world’s largest digital currency has a market cap of more than $1.8 trillion currently.

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