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XinFin’s Blockchain Utility Token XDC Added to Freewallet

XinFin’s Blockchain Utility Token XDC Added to Freewallet Altcoin News

XinFin, a hybrid blockchain network for global trade and finance sectors. XinFin’s native token XDC is added to secure crypto wallet, Freewallet. The real reason behind this support is for fast and cheaper transactions. The XDC symbol is now reflected in the web wallet.

XinFin Network is extending its value and standard by collaborating with different platforms offering services. XinFin is known as a third-generation network with 2000+ transactions per second. The transaction confirmation is just processed within 2 seconds in comparison with other blockchain platforms. Moreover, the transaction fee is nearly zero which is the biggest asset for the users for fast and cheap transactions.

Trade XDC in Freewallet

Freewallet is a perfect place to send, store, manage and trade our digital assets. Buyers can use their major credit cards like Visa and mastercards, along with some prepaid and virtual cards. More so, users are provided with a guide note on how to trade XDC with Freewallet? This includes two main steps to be followed,

  • Step 1: Download the Freewallet App on our Mobile (Android / iOS)
  • Step 2: Tap ‘+’ and Receive to extract the coin address.

Note: At present, XDC cannot be exchanged as it is not enabled on the wallet. Freewallet will soon release an update on the same. 

Additionally, users with any queries can reach out to the XDC Network Explorer and XDC website to get answers for all such questions. However, it is ensured that the users get a solution for all their doubts regarding the network, wallets, contracts, DApps etc,.

Therefore, XinFin XDC will wave its flag high by expanding its network globally serving all financial firms and sectors. Its decentralized blockchain platform reduces risk and complexity and improves the efficiency and reliability of the network. Added to this, all XDC users are lucky to benefit more offers and services on different platforms in the near future.

XinFin’s Solitary Features

Among the other blockchain networks, XinFin XDC01 follows a set of hybrid protocols which adds efficiency to all major financial marketers. The two main assets of XinFin are the smart contracts and real-time settlement procedures. This makes the network stand unique among its competitors. Furthermore, the smart contract feature benefits both private and government firms to get converted from centralized to decentralized networks. More so, XinFin network expands its ecosystem by partnering with various platforms. This improves the versatility of the network. XinFin sustains a digital democracy by coding a consensus algorithm known as Delegated Proof of Stake (XDPoS). This validates every transaction being performed in the XinFin (XDC) blockchain platform.

Freewallet is the first cryptocurrency wallet launched in January 2016. It is developed to store and manage digital assets in an easier way. It is one of the most simple and secured web wallets designed for crypto users. With innovative technology and features the user’s strength raised to is 3,000,000+ as per current data. In addition, the wallet supports 100+ digital currencies targeting both Android and iOS users in the market. The users register themselves in Multi-currency wallets with a web interface that translates into 13 different languages. This offers the users to experience instant and fee-free transactions within Freewallet.

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