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Wolfram Blockchain Labs Teams Up With Tezos

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  • Wolfram blockchain labs team up With Tezos.
  • WBL supports a huge variety of smart contracts and decentralized app development.

The DLT project Wolfram Blockchain Labs (WBL) has added support for Tezos on its platform. As a result, developers working on blockchain computational contracts can employ the Tezos network.

Wolfram (WBL) Integrates Tezos

WBL is a distributed ledger technology (DLT) solutions provider. However, WBL supports the development of a huge variety of smart contracts and decentralized apps. Moreover, it is the blockchain subsidiary of Wolfram Research.

The project made announcement of its latest blockchain partnership in a press release.  Even more, it informed that the popular blockchain project Tezos has recently been fully-integrated into WBL’s DLT ecosystem.

Furthermore, the collaboration has led to the establishment of a designated oracle distributing the Wolfram Alpha data to smart contract developers. Other than allowing developers to work on analytics and computational contracts to use the Tezos blockchain. 

In addition, Tezos has used Nomadic Labs’ Mi-Cho-Coq formal verification framework to ensure that the oracle displays the same predictable behavior all the time.

The statement also mentioned that products employing the Tezos blockchain will be “much more secure” due to the formal verification. Added to this, it is a process that proves the correctness of properties of a smart contract to help mitigate the risks of vulnerabilities.

WBL CTO Johan Veerman commented,

“Tezos is an exciting third-generation blockchain that features a number of services and functions that will expand what’s available to our developers. We’re thrilled to work with TQ Tezos on bringing the WBL ecosystem of tools to the Tezos blockchain.” 

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