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Dash Introduces Protocol Versioning With New Updates Every Six Weeks

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Dash, an open source cryptocurrency, has released its fourth new update which makes it easier for developers to begin transitioning to a testnet and mainnet.

Dash released a new update of v0.15 over the weekend. However, this is the 4th release by its newly defined process. And 5th release overall. Dash’s new functionality will be released approximately every 6 weeks.

Dash mentioned in an article,

DCG developers introduced versioning that allows for the smooth rollout of breaking changes without affecting user experience.

Breaking changes introduced on the protocol level may lead to several incompatibility issues. These issues between data created before and new software versions. It also has different versions of clients and nodes participating in the same network. 

Previously, DCG developers handled these situations by wiping data on Evonet and forcing developers to update platform software with each new release. Since this approach is fine only  for early testing. It is not appropriate for testnet and mainnet. 

On Jan 7, 2020, Dash has updated Dash Explorer to Insight. This was announced by its Marketing Manager Michael Seitz. Insight is an open-source Dash blockchain explorer. It used for writing web wallets and other applications that need more advanced blockchain queries.

It provides users with a convenient way to read data from the Dash network so they can build their own services with it.  

Dash Core Group is a decentralized and remote team that remains to deliver on the promise of financial freedom. Users can expect the next release to arrive sometime between October 6 to 20.

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