Win Rare NFT Tokens in the Massive FTX Cup #1 Tournament

Win Rare NFT Tokens in the Massive FTX Cup #1 Tournament

Throughout August, TradeLink together with FTX has worked hard to please traders with a large-scale tournament. The main difference from other events is the maximum prize fund of more than $50,000 and NFT prizes, which will be given to the winners. 

The tournament starts on September 25, the duration is one month. You can register by following this link.

The NFT market is quite young, but it has already gathered a lot of hype. The nice thing about NFT is its uniqueness. You can record anything you want in it, from text to video. So recently artist Mike Winkelmann sold his painting for a record amount of $69 million. The FTX exchange has released its own NFTs, as well as a marketplace where users conduct auctions. 

Winners of the FTX cup#1 tournament will receive unique tokens that provide privileges and opportunities when using the platform. 

Just look at the beauty of the girls in the unique artwork of professional artists: NFT collection

These tokens provide unique bonuses and privileges. For example, on the TradeLink platform, a token can be used as an achievement in your personal profile, and in the future, it will allow you to use TradeLink services absolutely free. In addition, each token will have unique characteristics, which will be used as an element of gamification of the platform and will open a lot of interesting opportunities to the owners. Just like any other NFT, it can be sold or bought on secondary markets. 

More about the platform:

TradeLink is a startup, a young project among analytics services. By adding API-key read-only – users get detailed trading statistics (in the near future there will be a trading log with information about every deal). Most of all users like the rating system on the platform in which anyone can participate. This allows you to compare your trading activity with other traders.

For professional traders, the platform has over 25 different indicators for account analytics, as well as a widget that can be added to your website to show trader statistics. To give traders additional incentives, tournaments are regularly held where you can compete for prizes and additional achievements.  

At the moment, the platform works with the 4 top exchanges:

  • FTX
  • Binance
  • BitMex
  • ByBit

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