What’s The Big Deal About The ‘Hype’ Shiba Inu VS Dogecoin Battle Continues

What's The Big Deal About The 'Hype' Shiba Inu vs Dogecoin Battle Continues
  • Markus urged Bray to “take responsibility for his actions.
  • Markus added, “Doge is a Shiba Inu.”
  • Two Indian exchanges made a majority of their trading volume from the meme coins.

A recent statement from Doge inventor Billy Markus noted that “hype does not stay” but that ventures must have “lasting worth” to be successful. Recently, SHIB suffered a fast deterioration due to his admission that he possessed zero Shiba Inu tokens (as previously reported).

Before Musk’s presentation on Saturday Night Live, Dogecoin’s price was gathering pace. Even so, the value of the memes currency plummeted by 30 percent shortly after he debuted.

“Take responsibility for his conduct,” Markus admonished Bray in this context. Other cryptocurrency investors have already received advice from the Dogecoin inventor, who has counseled caution when entering the crypto space. In addition, he advised people to accept responsibility for the dangers that they choose to take on their initiative.

“Take everything that everyone says about it with a grain of salt because no one knows anything,” states the second point. Finally, if they are unable to implement the preceding recommendations, they should avoid this market entirely.

Senate candidate Bray has previously voiced his support for SHIB should be mentioned at this stage in the discussion. Once, he claims to have “distributed his doge holdings in exchange for SHIB tokens.

The Dogecoin cryptocurrency has been referred to as “people’s money” by both Musk and Markus, with Markus recently stating that “dogecoin is a fundamental cryptocurrency.” The following remark was  in response to his “hype” comments: “…it is not a currency of promise and bombastic overstatements…”

The SHIB and DOGE meme currencies are still being confused by some, even though the two are entirely different. “The network of dogecoin self-identified as shibes’ for YEARS,” according to Markus, which explains why this has happened. Accordingly, “Doge is a Shiba Inu,” he said.

Even yet, both currencies appear to have a rapidly growing investor base, with the latter appearing to be particularly strong in India. Recent research revealed that two Indian marketplaces generated a vast bulk of their trading volume through meme currencies.

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