Why Are Solana, Arweave, OMG Network Performing Well This Week?

  • Solana and Arweave’s respective tokens gained on blockchain gaming news.
  • OMG Network token owners will receive new tickets to use Boba Network.    
  • The news hit on Friday that Solana was launching a $100 million fund in conjunction.

Many cryptocurrencies have experienced another day of solid trading. As of 7:15 p.m. EDT on Friday, Solana (SOL), Arweave (AR), and OMG Network (OMG) were among the cryptocurrency companies benefiting from the bullish market momentum, with their tokens up approximately 17 %, 45 %, and 26%, respectively.

Additionally, a new funding action plan for blockchain-playing games appears to have aided the rise of Solana and Arweave. In addition to the general bullish trend in the cryptocurrency space as a whole. Meanwhile, token holders of the OMG Network are expected to receive a new supplementary token. Certainly, which is causing a surge in the price of the ticket.

On Friday, it was revealed that Solana was launching a $100 million fund in partnership with Lightspeed Venture Partners and FTX. To engage in blockchain-focused playing games studios, according to reports. Like Ethereum, Solana’s blockchain serves as a platform to build other cryptocurrencies. And decentralized financial applications comparable to how Ethereum does.

Now, switching gears, it appears that increases in the price of OMG Network’s tokens over the last week have been fueled. By the expectation for the new cryptocurrency that tickets will soon receive. Shareholders of the OMG Network are expected to obtain a cryptocurrency token that can be staked for rewards on the Boba Network shortly. This is scheduled to take place on November 12th, 2018.

The various tokens of Solana, Arweave, and OMG Network differ from other cryptocurrencies. Such as they are being used to support or transact for offerings that are particular to their network systems rather than simply serving as digital currencies.

They may have a more compelling fundamental valuation case than tokens that conduct business solely on supposition or adoption. However, investors should please remember that they are still extremely high investments. And the market is likely to remain volatile shortly.

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