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US Global Investors Hosts Webcast Discussing Q3 Results

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  • US Global Investors, Inc. hosts a webcast.
  • An update on HIVE, the company’s strategic disclosure to the crypto asset boom.
  • Financial information for the quarter released before the webcast.

US Global Investors, Inc. hosted a webcast on Monday, May 10, 2021, at 7:30 AM. However, the Central time to plan the company’s results for Q3 2021. More so, an update on HIVE Blockchain Technologies (“HIVE”), the company’s strategic disclosure to the crypto asset boom, will also be discussed.

US Global Investors’ CEO and CTO on Webcast 

Financial information for the quarter released before the webcast. Moreover, Frank Holmes, CEO and chief investment officer, offered an update on the Company’s profitability and strong performance of its investment products. 

In addition, Lisa Callicotte, Chief Financial Officer, offered an overview of financial highlights for the quarter ended March 31, 2021. Lastly, Holly Schoenfeldt, marketing and public relations manager, will explain in detail about the company’s media and marketing strategy.

Moreover, the story of the US Global Investors goes back over 50 years when it began as an investment club. Even more, US Global Investors, Inc. is a registered investment adviser that aims on niche markets around the world. Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, the company offers money management and other services to the US Global Investors Funds and US Global ETFs.

In contrast, HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd. is a growth-based TSXV-listed firm that builds a bridge from the blockchain sector to traditional capital markets. However, HIVE owns state-of-the-art green energy-powered data center facilities in Canada, Sweden, and Iceland, which offers newly minted crypto like Bitcoin and Ethereum continuously on the cloud. HIVE’s deployments offer shareholders exposure to the operating margins of digital currency mining as well as a portfolio of crypto coins.

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