UFC Launching $UFC Fan Token

UFC to Give Fighter’s BTC Bonus With Crypto.com
  • UFC, using Blockchain technology needs to increase the fan growth
  • UFC announced to launch the $UFC Fan Token.
  • The coin made the partnership with Chiliz company.

The company, which plays a key role in the growth of the combat sport’s popularity is UFC, the world’s largest MMA promotion, using blockchain technology promotion that’s want to provide a growing fan base. So it decided to launch a $UFC Fan Token

The American Mixed Martial Arts( MMA) promotion company based in Las Vegas is the Ultimate Fighting Championship(UFC). The best international fighters using a variety of martial arts styles and discipline showcased by the UFC. UFC has grown to a multi-billion dollar and its brand name enjoy global recognition

Moreover, This week UFC announced that it going to launch the $UFC Fan Token next month. Blockchain company that provides services to the sports and entertainment industries is Chiliz, the coin has made a partnership with this company. Due to this, UFC, expected to increase fan engagement worldwide among the millions of fans.

UFC specified on its website

” The $UFC Fan Token, scheduled for launch on Socios.com in June and will have a maximum lifetime supply of 20 million.”

Even more, FC Barcelona, AC Milan, Paris Saint-Germain, and Manchester City are the European soccer giants which have already working with Chiliz. Through the Socios.com platform and mobile app, the branded fan tokens can be purchased.

Although, including the Professional Fighters League, the network now has nearly 26 partners, this April they issued their tokens. On top of the Chiliz blockchain infrastructure and its $CHZ currency, the Socios.com platform built.

More than 625 million fans for the UFC around the world. The fan tokens will empower UFC to connect with its global following like never before said, the CEO of Chiliz and Socios.com. And in the press release,” We’re delighted to welcome UFC to our growing roster of Fan Token partners”.

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