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Fan Token Chiliz Achieved Another Win

Fan Token Chiliz Achieved Another Win Blockchain News
  • Chiliz the famous fan token achieved another win
  • Aston Martin Cognizant and Alfa Romeo Racing are the two latest launch tokens
  • Chiliz also joined NASCAR’s Roush Fenway Racing.

By signing a pair of popular European teams, Chiliz the famous ‘fan token reward and blockchain achieved another win.

A digital currency for sports and entertainment platforms is Chiliz. Chiliz fuels the world’s first scalable, tokenized voting platform, In the platform fans can buy, trade, and execute voting rights in their favorite sports team.

Aston Martin Cognizant and Alfa Romeo Racing are the two latest launch tokens on the platform, this announced by a fan token app built on Chiliz, The digital assets representing our ownership of a voting right and giving access to earn unique club-specific rewards and experiences are called Fan tokens. In certain, it allows fans to vote on things like team uniforms.

For Chiliz, Formula 1 team is not the only wins. Chiliz also joined NASCAR’s Roush Fenway Racing. Furthermore, these teams are one of the first successional motor racing teams in experiments with blockchain technology.

Accordingly, in a press release, the CEO of Chiliz, Alex Dreyfus said, “Last week, in a single day, we announced five partnership – from three different sports, across three continents – and now we’ve continued that momentum convincingly”. Also, Chiliz CEO added, “In the next few years a generation of passive fans will shift into active fans. That transition will take place through transactional fan engagement on our platform.”

Henceforth, Chiliz has productively cornered the fan token market, many platforms continued to battle over the Non-fungible token (NFT), memorabilia, and collectible spaces.

Hence more, nearly 500 million collectible basketball highlight sales, dapper Labs’ NBA Top Shot currently sits at the top. The multi-billions in VC investment have attracted by this. Even though, in the previous month prices faced a ‘silent crash’ amid market-wide NFT corrections.

Other chains and platforms are trying to attract sports licensing as well, likely WAX’s collaboration with the iconic Topps baseball trading card company part of an ongoing battle between NFT platforms over high-value IP.

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