Twitter CEO Announces to Integrate Bitcoin Payment

Twitter CEO Announces to Integrate Bitcoin (BTC) Payment

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey reveals that Twitter will soon announce its acceptance of Bitcoin(BTC) payments. Twitter’s most ambitious project on work for making a decentralized standard for social media, Bluesky, will also join its parent Twitter upon accepting Bitcoin(BTC). 

Jack Dorsey’s Comments 

The Bitcoin(BTC) over time was endorsed by many influencers and tech syncs. Furthermore, Elon Musk has got the foremost credits for boosting Bitcoin(BTC). It’s because of Elon Musk, that the price of Bitcoin(BTC) has soared to its epic heights last year. However, being the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk’s recent degradation of Bitcoin, portraying it as high energy consumption. Accordingly, proving high carbon footprints made Musk eventually leave backing up BTC. 

His focus shifted towards the other altcoins such as Ethereum and the memecoin, the Dogecoin

Nevertheless, the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorey is now bracing up the BTC as much as he could. He has revealed that either Twitter or his decentralised standard for social media, the project Bluesky, will integrate Bitcoin(BTC) payments very soon. 

On Bitcoin 2021, Dorsey exclaimed that if he didn’t head either Twitter or Square, he would be probably working for Bitcoin(BTC).  It’s known to the fact that Jack Dorsey is also the CEO of Square, an ecosystem-based upon commerce and eCommerce. 

Eye on the Lightning Network

In spite of all, Dorsey replied positively in response to a fan’s tweet regarding if he will incorporate the Bitcoin Lightning network into his Twitter or Bluesky. Henceforth, Dorsey replied that it will be done anytime soon. The lightning network serves as a second layer of a payment protocol for Bitcoin. It is actually based upon the blockchain of Bitcoin. It helps in building up the network. The transactions are fast and at a low rate of gas fees. The recent announcement by President of El-Salvador to work with Lightning Network, in order to help reform BTC as its legal official currency for the nation. Indeed, this has served as a boost to the Lightning Network.

Likewise, Dorcey thrashed U.S. senator Elizabeth Warren, when she put out cryptocurrencies should be blocked out as many are just consuming ample energy for solving useless mathematical problems. Dorcey sarcastically replied Bitcoin(BTC) now shifts the power from the banks and corporations to the people directly and globally. 

In fact, Dorcey himself has been an avid backer of Bitcoin for ages. Accordingly, he has acquired 8,000 Bitcoin, worth about $170 million dollars, under the heads of Square. 

In Spite of all his efforts and seriously backing up Bitcoin, Jack Dorsey is now the new epitome overtaking Elon Musk for the Bitcoin brace.

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