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TRON-TRX Networks’s WinkLink (Win) Joins JUST NFT

TRON-TRX Networks’s WinkLink (Win) Joins JUST NFT Markets

WinkLink(WIN), the best oracle in the TRON environ partners together with another one of TRON’s successful NFT projects, the JUST NFT fund. 

As announced on May 9th by the TRON founder and BitTorrent CEO, Justin Sun, the WinkLink partners together with Just NFT, to establish all the success of both the firms to implement for each other.

WinkLink will boost the JUST NFT into the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) verse with all its loftier strategies. At the same time, this will mark the entry of the WIN token into the NFT society. Will Sun’s brilliant move be the future for WIN, and does he looks to promote WIN as the future? 

Let’s check them out.

A Peep into WinLink & JUST NFT

With the rise in the crypto industry, so does rises a need for a highly sophisticated and secure blockchain. With the increase in investors, the need for an ultimate blockchain will always prevail. Sun launched the WinkLink live on April 26th, integrating the real world into blockchain by providing specific, timely, transparent, and tamper-proof data to explicit blockchains, powered smart contracts by enhancing the user experience and trust. Ever Since its launch, it is operating successfully with high satisfying user experience.

The JUST NFT fund was also launched by Justin Sun on March 29, 2021, even before the WinLink. The main goal of JUST NFT is to bring classic artworks into the NFTs on a blockchain. It aims to be the ultimate Art fund in the NFT world linking together the artists’ experts and blockchain. JUST NFT proved highly successful within the 2 months of its launch. It has now entered into a partnership with three of the largest NFT auction houses, the Christie’s, the  Sotheby’s, and the Nifty Gateway. The overall collection acquired amounts to over $56.43 million. Most of the collections of the first batch such as Femme nue couchée au collier by Pablo Picasso, Three Self-Portrait by Andy Warhol, Ocean’s Front by the crypto artist Beeple, a complete NFT set by the crypto artist Pak, and Computer in Society – April 2nd, 1965, the TIME magazine cover, which, including the work by Picasso are all tokenized under TRON under the TRC-721 standards. It will be permanently stored in the decentralized storage system BTFS and on TRONS’s public chain.

The Alliance Together

Being the two key components of the TRON environ, and both joining hands together enabling each other to exploit the other’s potential to the fullest. The oracle of WinkLink is said to completely encrypt the adoption of NFT into gaming, art, and many other fields. This will also debut WIN, WinkLinks token into the NFT. This will now altogether enable the TRON community governance overall by exploiting the NFT in-depth and increasing the uses of  DeFi and NFT.

NFT uses DeFi protocols majorly and for this DeFi, oracle is its key running factor. This alliance serves as the best example for ‘Oracle + NFT’ alliance together. These two will use each other’s powers, empowering the TRON environment and leading the DeFi races.

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