Top 3 Crypto Tokens on Trend for the Day

Top 3 Crypto Tokens on Trend for the Day

Altcoins are the recent attractions of the entire crypto market with unique developments and services. Even the new faced crypto tokens are grabbing the users attention in wide space.  Besides, altcoins are the major reason for the huge market capitalization of the crypto market. 

To add more interest for the users, the top three trending crypto tokens are listed for the day. They are CumStar (CUMSTAR), ShibX (SHIBX), MarsRise (MARSRISE). All these altcoins are trending on green margins with a massive surge in the last 24 hours.

1. CumStar (CUMSTAR)

CumStar is a popular adult entertainment token which is built with 100% anonymity for the users. The CumStar project is an adult content sharing platform powered by Blockchain technology. More so, the CumStar application enables the users token to purchase content within our platforms with a continuous utility.

In addition, the native token CUMSTAR currently holds the value of $0.00000002183. Besides,  the crypto token is on a huge hike of 90.82% in the last 24 hours. Thus, surging in the value, the trading volume of CUMSTAR is also rising up-to $12,205,284. 

2. ShibX (SHIBX)

As an interesting fact, SHIBX is the first rebase crypto token which passively awards $SHIB. The cryptocurrency is currently operating on Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) platform. Moreover, the month of October, were supportive for SHIBX token as it is displaying a green graph in the market status. 

Significantly, the live market value of SHIBX token is $0.000592 with 87.89% spike in the value in the last 24 hours. As emerging into the market, crypto enthusiasts are expecting SHIBX to take over the chain soon. 

3. MarsRise (MARSRISE)

MarsRise (MARSRISE) is a crypto token with automatic liquidity pool growth launched on Binance Smart Chain platform. In this platform the holders are rewarded through transaction taxations. Thus, the main function of the MarsRise community is to succeed in the mission to Mars.  In-order to achieve the mission a valuable and a powerful crypto token $MARSRISE is introduced as a part of the journey

According to the current market status, MARSRISE is actively standing on $0.000tradi00001338 price. Along with a surge up-to 29.83% in the last 24 hours with 24-hour trading volume of $2,188,657.

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