Bluzelle Releases Decentralized File Storage Solution on Mainnet

AI-generated NFTs Are Sure To Be a Game Changer in the NFT Sector
  • Allows users to save immutable files on decentralized storage.
  • Bluzelle is a perfect platform for hosting NFT-related material.

An open-source, decentralized storage network, Bluzelle. It is censorship-resistant and offers great security. The work of artists, singers, scientists, publishers, and developers, etc, stays under protection by Bluzelle. Users may be confident that any project saved on Bluzelle will be accessible at any time, anywhere.

Previous decentralized storage methods had a variety of usability and cost issues. For example, this involves retaining a token, paying individually for each additional storage node in the network, and costly file retrieval. Moreover, past systems did not assure file immutability.

If the user-selected nodes fail, the files go lost permanently, concerning IPFS, the most widely used mechanism for storing NFTs or Web3 data. IPFS data is originally kept on just one node, therefore duplicating the file adds substantial expenses and labor.

Bluzelle, a decentralized database provider, has released its anticipated file storage solution on the mainnet. Thus, allowing users to save immutable files on decentralized storage. For NFT platforms, the explosion of digital art and media has emphasized a flexible and unstoppable storage solution.

NFT MarketPlace Dominance

Bluzelle is now a hosting platform for all sorts of files that demand great security, unrivaled availability, and censorship resistance. These qualities make Bluzelle a perfect platform for hosting NFT-related material, such as 3D digital artworks or video reels of specific NFT events.

With Bluzelle, data is stored virtually immediately in all network nodes, and just one user request is required to duplicate data globally. Thus, the contemporary architecture improves performance while streaming huge files and saves consumers money. In addition, Bluzelle works like torrents, so users may download files from all 50+ nodes at once (expected to grow into the thousands as the network develops).

Major NFT markets like Mintable already utilize the Bluzelle platform. Others are in testing and expected announcement soon.

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