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StorX (SRX) Expands Network to 2000+ Storage Nodes

StorX (SRX) Expands Network to 2000+ Storage Nodes News

StorX Network Founder Handy Barot explained in a recent Tweet that the platform has over 2000 storage nodes. However, Handy thanked the community for its support and also looking for a Research Scientist.

StorX is one of the most prominent platforms which has reached a huge audience in a short time span. The platform’s main goal is to let users store their data on the decentralized storage cloud. The uploaded files will be divided and encrypted into more items to an autonomous storage node. These nodes are operated by individuals world-wide who rent their spare disk space to create nodes. 

SRX is a XinFin blockchain-based utility token. As of the time of writing, SRX trades at $1.73 with a 24-hour trading volume of $1,054,535. The price of SRX has surged to over 85% in the last 24 hours. Furthermore, SRX has a maximum supply of 1.5 billion tokens. Based on the XinFin blockchain, SRX price increased to over 400% within three weeks after listing. Currently, its market cap is at $2,528,974,611. 

Currently, the top crypto trading platform for SRX is Bitrue. Bitrue is the first of exchanges that has listed SRX. The StorX team is excited to see SRX listed on many crypto exchanges and is working hard to make this happen soon.

The number of nodes has also increased at a very fast rate. For instance, just one week ago, it stood at over 500 nodes. However, this accounts for a 300% growth in the number of storage nodes of the system.

Even more, this speed-up growth of the storage network makes it a top alternative for centralized cloud storage options which includes Google Drive, Dropbox, and many more. At the same time, StorX competes with other decentralized storage systems like Filecoin and Sia. However, SRX’s explosive growth is enough to make a statement. 

Furthermore, its search for new research scientists indicates major price offerings to users in the future. In addition, the platform also sought to increase security and scalability as it received large-scale exposure.

All-in-all, decentralized storage is set to transform the way the world stores data over cloud and StorX’s huge success is an early indication of the mass adoption of the blockchain-based alternative to centralized cloud storage in the upcoming years.

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