CZ Binance Buttresses Bitcoin (BTC)

CZ Binance Buttresses Bitcoin (BTC)

Recent times have rather been hard upon our crypto king, the Bitcoin (BTC). With most altcoins following its rhythm of graphs, BTC sure has a lot of responsibilities. However, many regulations put forth especially towards BTC have raised the barriers though.  Amidst all this negativity surrounding BTC, Binance CEO, Changepeng Zhao aka CZ, rather tweets optimistically showing his most support to BTC.

CZ’s Tweet

The CEO with extreme contradictions, CZ took over on Twitter in order to express his everlasting love towards the BTC. Accordingly, by the morning of Sunday, he posted a tweet on his official Twitter page.

Upon the tweet, CZ puts it rather straightforwardly that nothing can stop Bitcoin (BTC) and it’s future for sure. Also, he states, BTC just cannot be pushed down or moved out of the picture by talking ills and negatives upon it. 

The most optimistic CEO, who always takes all negative criticisms in a positive manner, gave the same sign in his tweet too. Accordingly, he portrays the more BTC gets talked upon, either negatively or no matter what, it only takes the spread of BTC even more.

Besides, this is not the only time CZ has expressed his admiration toward BTC. In addition, he has revealed many times that he himself is an avid lover and fan of BTC. Also, owning BTC himself too. 

Moreover, he previously compared BTC to fiat money, stating BTC is of more store value than compared to fiat currencies.

Furthermore, he explains that by taking fiat, the value of fiat will be the same. Also, the more a country prints its national legal tender, the more probability that the value of the fiat decreases.

However, he says it’s not the same case with BTC. The value of BTC will only rise with time, corresponding to its limited supply, making a want for it always in the market. And thereby the price increases over time.

Negative’s Surrounding BTC

As already noted, there always persists a group always contradicting and imposing negative criticisms upon the crypto industry.

Amidst this group, the majority of their intentions are mostly based on BTC alone. And so, they put forth numerous allegations, contradictions upon BTC, trying to impose it down.

Besides, recent regulations put on BTC in the U.S, have scrutinized its market deliberately upon the nation. Many firms who have invested in BTC are now rather trying to change them to Ethereum (ETH). This also includes major financial investment firms shifting their assets from BTC to ETH.

However, BTC still stays strong at a present price value of above $40,000 and always remains strong standing at the top in the market cap.

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