Solana Spiked over 40% following its Partnership with Google

  • Solana ranks #11, with a live market cap of $8,188,472,129 USD in the CoinMarketCap
  • Disclosed its partnership with Google Cloud services

The year 2022 has been a rough patch for the crypto community with multiple disasters. The Russo-Ukrainian War, European droughts, and the latter new covid variant in China shook the global economy subsequently. Amidst all these unfortunates, Solana and Google came up with a Potential Partnership that stunned the blockchain space. 

Solana today trades at a price of 22.29 USD with a 200% surge in its 24 hours trading volume. Encompasses a $2,854,170,309 volume now despite its ATL (All Time Low) of 8.14$ even before a month.

Google’s Blockchain Adoption

Google had its hands on blockchain technology even before it announced its partnership with Solana in November 2022. The tech giant adopted blockchain by introducing Blockchain Node Engine to facilitate node hosting for the web3 ecosystem. Ethereum is the first ever blockchain that went live on its platform, promising to expand the support of multiple blockchain networks in the future.

A Prospective Partnership

Ever since Solana disclosed its partnership with Google, the community was eagerly enthralled to fill the “Breakpoint 2022” Conference. Over 13,000 people attended the venue that encompassed Solana unveiling topics about its partnership with Google and its plan of deploying dApps.

Google cloud’s integration to feature a dedicated Solana node in 2023 aids in indexing Solana’s data on their serverless data warehouses. This helps the Devels to have access to the historical data. 

2023, A Fruitful year for Solana

Solana unveiled its plans for new dApps rollups including the smartphone launch followed by its roadmap for Solana Store in 2023. Vibhu Norby, CEO and the Founder of Solana space stated:

“Now anyone, anywhere can build their own Solana Store.”

Vibhu Norby, the CEO and founder of Solana Spaces in the BreakPoint 2022 at Lisbon.

While simultaneously announcing the launch of GeoNFTs

“If you have a GeoNFT, you can redeem it 1-for-1 with the exclusive rights to open a Solana store in that region.”

Vibhu Norby, the CEO and founder of Solana Spaces in the BreakPoint 2022 at Lisbon.

The Team further disclosed that the pre-booking for Solana’s Smartphone powered by Qualcomm to commence eventually in early 2023. 

Solana’s recent doge-themed token BONK witnessed a massive surge of 1622% within a week of their listing. This abetted the ecosystem to kickstart the pump for the past two weeks later followed by the release of CPI. 

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