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Reef Finance Is Bringing NFT Fantasy Gaming

Reef Finance Is Bringing NFT Fantasy Gaming to Reef Altcoin News

Reef Finance has launched its own NFT Fantasy game. The game called CoinFantasy is a finance based NFT fantasy game. In which the players predict the outcomes of tokens, and earn rewards. 

The game is an interactive fantasy game that requires knowledge and skill from the player. The game is Reef’s entry into a multi-billion dollar gaming industry. With this single game, the company taps into the NFT, Crypto as well as gaming markets. All of which are considerably big markets. 

The obtainable market for Reef in this space is more than $100 billion. Which makes it more interesting opportunity than anticipated. 

CoinFantasy Game

The CoinFantasy game is an interactive game that lets users issue NFTs. It is also a reward based game giving out rewards to active players. The CoinFantasy platform would also allow users to borrow tokens against their assets as well. 

The CEO of Coin Fantasy Haish Karthik said about the game: 

“The CoinFantasy team is excited to deploy our skills-based fantasy game on Reef Chain! Reef’s developer and dApp ecosystem is already so comprehensive, but CoinFantasy fills a major gap in the market that not only provides earning opportunities, but is fun to use! We’re excited for the full launch on Reef as soon as possible.”

In short it will be a whole experience for anyone who plays. The game wants to simplify the gaming process for its users. The gaming process is made easier through an easier interface as well as a smooth gameplay. 

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