Reddit to Storm the NFT Industry with New NFT Platform

Reddit to Storm the NFT Industry with New NFT Platform
  • Reddit is in the process of making its own NFT platform.
  • Posts job listings for Senior Backend Engineers.
  • Future plans to launch its own NFTs.

The NFT market sure starts to kindle up extravagant hypes once again. Now, Reddit, the long surviving and still epic social media platform and news media, plans on making a very own non-fungible-tokens (NFT) platform of its own. 

In spite of owning OpenSea, which is the very first and the largest open marketplace for the NFTs, Reddit now aspires to create another platform solely upon the Reddit network itself. 

Accordingly, Reddit has officially made new job posting requirements entitled ‘Senior Backend Engineers’ for their new project. 

Reddit’s NFT Job Listings

In spite of all this, Reddit is completely determined to bring out a well established and profuse NFT platform. Accordingly, it has officially listed job openings for ‘Senior Backend Engineer’ officially upon their site. 

In addition, upon the job descriptions, Reddit team terms that the Senior Backend Engineer should be capable of designing and building up the entire NFT platform. Also, the Engineer should be able to enable all sorts of services such as creating, buying and even selling of the NFTs for the users. 

Moreover, they term that the team for this project should be exceedingly fast at the same time maintaining the quality momentously.   

Reddit’s Future NFT Plans

Besides all the hypes and enthusiasm with Reddit and its new team for the project, it has tremendous future plans. And also, they aspire to become the leader of the internet economy with the help of digital assets, collectibles, NFTs and much more.  

Reddit terms the future for the NFT market is expected to hype much more in the upcoming years. Also, the NFT industry might surge past the crypto industry too as many predict.

Accordingly, Reddit once its NFT platform gets launched, it plans in devising and launching NFTs of its own.

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