Analysts Predict Ethereum (ETH) of Hitting $20K

Analysts Predict Ethereum (ETH) of Hitting $20K
  • Ethereum (ETH) has been following the Bitcoin (BTC) trends.
  • Justin Bennet predicts ETH reaching $12K by the end of 2021.
  • BTC to hit $200K and ETH to hit $20K.

Predictions, depictions and price analysis has so far been a major ice breaker for the crypto industry irrespective of the crypto. Moreover, price analysis for the top altcoins and the Bitcoin (BTC) usually sets the crypto industry on fire. 

In such terms, with the entire crypto market sailing smoothly with a good gush of winds upon its sails, many analysts put forth their predictions and studies. 

Accordingly, major crypto analyst, known especially for his predictions with Ethereum (ETH), Justin Bennet once again puts forward his views and predictions for Ethereum (ETH). Also, he depicts the current trend till the end of 2021 and the future for both ETH and BTC. ‘

ETH Hitting $5K by End of 2021

In spite of all this, analyst Justin Bennet puts out that ETH will be hitting the $12K target soon. Moreover, he terms this may take place within the end of 2021 to be more precise. 

In addition, Bennet terms ETH of hitting $12K and remaining fully bullish, officially upon his 96th newsletter article. As the entire market is surging up, with the BTC making new ATH, ETH follows the same trend and now is above uits target of $4K efficasely. 

Furthermore, Bennet shows that ETH has been and is and further will be following the same steps as BTC, according to the history so far. 

As a result if BTC is said to reach the $100K mark, then so will ETH to $5K. Besides, many say that this could be happening before the end of 2021.

BTC to $200K & ETH to $20K

As for the future, Bennet depicts that BTC is the key factor with which the entire industry, especially ETH plays for. 

Accordingly he states that once BTC crosses over $150K and heads towards $200K, ETH will be strategically following this to itself nearing $12K.

In addition, as soon as BTC crosses $200K, ETH would have already passed over $15K to $20K maximum.

 Also, many predict that ETH would be reaching its ATH before the end of October, owing to its profuse and steady price surge.

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