Polygon’s MATIC Joins the Elite Listing on Prominent Nexo Exchange

Polygon (MATIC) Regains, Can it Maintain the Bullish Momentum?
  • Polygon’s MATIC is the latest coin to join the collection of digital assets.
  • Users may earn up to 20% interest on MATIC every day.

Polygon is the premier scalability and infrastructure platform for Ethereum. Its increasing product line includes L2 solutions (ZK Rollups and Optimistic Rollups), sidechains, hybrid solutions, stand-alone and enterprise chains, data availability solutions, and more.

Polygon’s MATIC is the latest coin to join the collection of digital assets. Users may now purchase, sell, earn, and borrow MATIC on the platform. Initially, Nexo consumers may only add MATIC to their Nexo Wallets by buying assets on the Nexo Exchange.

With the current deal, users may earn up to 20% interest on MATIC every day and maintain earning significant rates over time. The team is working hard to provide you with MATIC top-ups and withdrawals.

Polygon’s multichain network sits atop Ethereum’s blockchain and allows other blockchain networks to connect with one other. Beyond just improving MATIC’s utilities, the Nexo team works with the Polygon network on numerous projects. Nexo’s ambition to extend its offering into the metaverse, employ NFTs fully, and provide financial services for this new asset class, makes Polygon a critical chain for their team to work in and support.


Nexo offers one of the most significant savings rates on the market for MATIC holdings. With their Earn Crypto Interest package, users can earn up to 20% every day on their MATIC. Users can also buy MATIC on Nexo and receive up to 20% daily interest till January 3, 2022. Interest rates vary by tier and if earned with Fixed Terms and Earn in NEXO. The tier promo prices are:

  • Platinum: maximum 20%. The standard rate is 16%.
  • Gold: maximum rate of 17%. The standard rate is 13%.
  • Silver: Max. 16.25 % 12.25 % standard rate
  • Maximum rate – 13%. Standard rate – 10%.

After January 3, users will get the following rates:

  • Platinum: maximum 15%. The standard rate is 13%.
  • Gold: maximum rate of 14%. Standard rate – 11%
  • Silver: 13.5 percent max. 10.5 percent is standard.
  • Maximum rate – 13%. Standard rate – 10%.

Unique Instant Crypto Credit Lines

It also offers Instant Crypto Credit Lines where users Yu may now borrow cash or stablecoins with only 6.9% APR using your MATIC as security. Users may borrow anything from $50 to $2 million. Requests are accepted instantly. Paying in whole or in part without credit checks or personal information is possible at any time.

When opening a credit line with Nexo for the first time by November 30, users get a 0.5 percent cashback payment in USDC. Parachains are becoming more important, and platforms like Nexo have adapted their services to better support currencies like MATIC, which underlie the blockchains that will provide scalability and interoperability to the sector.

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