Spanish Protocol Bit2Me Joins Industry Pioneer Prosegur Crypto as its Crypto Custodian

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  • Bit2Me once again proves its inventive genetics.
  • Bit2Me is a pioneer in the cryptocurrency business in Spain.

Prosegur Crypto has been Prosegur Cash’s digital asset custody service, a global leader in the security, transfer, administration, and custody services market for 45 years. It is the safest and innovative crypto asset custody solution for the institutional sector.

The Crypto Bunker mixes the most avant-garde cryptography and cybersecurity technologies with the most sophisticated physical security mechanisms that exist. It is its cold and ultra-safe habitat based on a 360º inaccessibility method. An inaccessible place for storing and administering crypto assets integrates two cold systems with six integrated security levels and more than 100 protective mechanisms.

Customized Solution for Each Client

Prosegur Crypto does customization, according to each client’s usage and security demands and includes functions with sophisticated OTC trading services and other derivatives of DeFi (Staking). Bit2Me, a Spanish firm that provides digital financial services based on cryptocurrencies, will hold some of its funds in Prosegur Crypto, Prosegur Cash’s crypto custody service.

Leif Ferreira, co-founder, and CEO of Bit2Me said:

 “At Bit2Me we constantly innovate, proof of this has been the launch of the largest ICO in the history of Spain, in order to continue being the preferred platform in the market offering safe and easy-to-use solutions. We also want to bring the greatest trust to our clients by being at the forefront of security in the custody of our crypto assets. For all this, we have chosen Prosegur Crypto as the most advanced solution among all the current custody solutions that exist in the market.”

Bit2Me is structured as one of the first Spanish organizations to utilize a maximum degree of physical and digital safety for its crypto. With this association, Bit2Me once again proves its inventive genetics by placing some of the crypto revenue of its business in the security company’s next-generation custody services.

Raimundo Castilla, CEO by Prosegur Crypto said about Bit2Me:

“We are very satisfied that a company like BIt2Me, a leader and innovator in the cryptocurrency sector, has trusted in our custody solution. The Crypto Bunker is, without a doubt, one of the most innovative and secure solutions that exist in the world. The physical-digital combination solves real problems for many operators in the crypto ecosystem. The managers of these funds are increasingly aware of the need to have the most advanced capabilities for the protection of their assets and Prosegur Crypto responds to this need without having to address the high investments they require.”

Bit2Me is a pioneer in the cryptocurrency business in Spain, whose Service Suite comprises more than 20 solutions to purchase, trade, and maintain virtual currencies and euros from the same location simply and safely.

 It has individual consumers, professionals, and corporations in more than 100 countries and has handled activities worth more than 2,000 million euros since its formation in 2015. The European Commission has also asked to present and debate on Blockchain technology and bitcoin on many occasions.

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