Polygon Will Launch IOI Game – Trade Race Manager

Top 3 Most Famous Polygon Metaverse Games
  • Polygon will launch IOI Game, a Trade Race manager.
  • IOI Game, a valuableNFT game powered by DeFi.
  • It can also provide low network fees and scalability opportunities.

Polygon formerly known as the Matic Network has announced the launch of its new project. It revealed that it plans to launch IOI Game, a Trade Race manager and Non-Fungible Token-based Trading platform.

Moreover, in the crypto gaming industry, the NFT trading game has appeared as a different segment. In recent years non-fungible tokens(NFT) have seen enormous growth.

Polygon blockchain network has a spirited ecosystem of projects and decentralized applications (dApps). This helped the MATIC coin to attract over 365 million transactions, and 13 million special wallets. Henceforth, Polygon will include NFT Trading Game with nearly over 450 brilliant dApps. Many special characters, cars, and tracks all as NFTs will be available in IOI Game.

Accordingly, the players can use the special NFTs to start the race by fueling their cars with their choice of digital belongings. After this player can start their race against their opponents.

IOI Game Features

More so, IOI Games also known as TradeRAceManager. IOI Game is a valuable NFT game powered by decentralized finance (DeFi). The main feature of the network is NFT and gameplay that supports the play2earn model by real market data. Digital currencies can used by the players to fuel racing cars. Even more, the racer’s position will be determined according to the real-time performance of their chosen cryptocurrencies to fuel the cars.

Furthermore, the blockchain network is based on the Layer-2 solution of Ethereum, it can also provide low network fees and scalability opportunities. Among many, Polygon is one of its kind that solves such blockchain-related issues.

Hence more, the CEO of IOI corporation, Rastislav looking for a challenge and inspiring growth. The teams behind Polygon as well as IOI corporation are enthusiasts with several years of experience.

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