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McLaren Racing Accelerates Into NFTs With Tezos

McLaren Racing Accelerates Into NFTs With Tezos News

McLaren Racing, the most promising and prominent longtime Formula 1 champion, now integrates with the fastest emerging decentralized blockchain provider, Tezos for establishing non-fungible tokens (NFT). This partnership is said to last long on a multi-year contract. 

The Partnership

The racing legend which has created its very own legacy, McLaren Racing is now all set to enter into the business of non-fungible tokens (NFT). McLaren Racing has chosen Tezos, the fastest emerging open-sourced decentralized blockchain to produce NFTs. Although, most of the NFTs are said to be based on McLaren’s racing history. The partnership between McLaren and Tezos will be a multi-year-long technical contract. 

However, the alliance branding and advertising will be on all the forthcoming Formula 1, INDYCAR racing, and also on all esports. All the products out as NFTs from this partnership will be solely based on the fans and their heartthrob race epics. 

The Mighty Two

McLaren Racing, of course, does not require any formal acknowledgement upon its endeavours. This British motor racing team has so far won numerous times the most prestigious Formula 1 championship. Also, with their entry into the production of supercars for the common roads, it has embedded its name on the history of racing forever.

McLaren’s decision to choose Tezos is absolutely no surprise or a disappointment. Tezos started in the year 2018, renovated its blockchain technology completely. In addition, it features a completely open sourced decentralized network blockchain platform. Likewise, the speed of transaction from peer to peer excels most other first-generation blockchains. Tezos blockchains support smart contracts impeccably. Also, the most distinguished attribute of Tezos, the proof of stake mechanism functions effortlessly. 

On the contrary, the epic highlight of the Tezos blockchain platform is upon its energy consumption and high energy efficiency. Tezos blockchain network uses only about two million times less energy than compared to the platform of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Truly, the Tezos blockchain network platform is far more superior in terms of energy conservation and low carbon footprints, titling it a green blockchain.   

The CEOs’ Comments

The director of McLaren Racing and esports, Lindsey Eckhouse states, the new partnership would be an innovative forecast on the rapidly rising market. Also, he adds on winning the hearts of his fans through their NFTs, enabling them to be part of McLaren Racing avidly. 

The CEO and chairman of Tezos, Hubertus Thonhauser expresses his excitement to work for McLaren Racing and to be their choice. Thonhauser is extremely confident in satisfying the fans on McLaren and also McLaren too. He expresses, in this fast-moving world of growing blockchain networks, innovation is the key most driving factor. 

McLaren Racing will advertise the partnership on both of its teams, the McLaren Formula 1 and the Arrow McLaren SP team. Additionally, the drivers racing suit will also bear the advertising and the brand publication.

McLaren is now all set to be the champion in this NFT race , accelerating itself to the finish lines, being powered by Tezos. 

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