NFT CyberKongz Burned 1,240 ETH in Just 5 Hours

NFT CyberKongz Burned 1,240 ETH in Just 5 Hours

The Non-Fungible tokens (NFT) are in the recent trend supporting the people in various sectors through the blockchain technology. The entire community is adapting the developing technology where it creates all collectibles digitally. 

Moreover, the blockchain tech is helping the users and the developers to experience the animated, 3D and digital platforms. At present the NFTs are available with animal themes which attracts large users around the world. 

CyberKongz NFT on Trend

One of the popular NFT projects in the market is CyberKongz depicting 3D social avatars of the Kong’s. At the initial stage, CyberKongz just started collecting 1000 NFTs in March and now it is buzzing in trend. 

As a boom to the market, NFTs CyberKongz burns 1240 ETH (about $4 million) in just 5 hours. Surprisingly, the second largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum skyrockets both its transaction fees and the gas prices. And at present it ranks first in the burning list among the other burners in the marketplace. 

Besides, burning of huge amounts of ETH has beaten all the other crypto fee burning fees on popular platforms like NFT marketplace OpenSea and UniSwap, the most popular DEX in the world. 

However, the ETH burning has shaken up the entire NFT markets to a huge extent. More so, the ETH minting event was live on August 15th, at 7.00 UTC with huge NFT fans to buy the CyberKongz VX. Further, 10,000 CyberKongz NFTs plus 3D tokens were open for the users to mint. 

The NFT collections website officially announces, 

“The 34×34 pixel CyberKongz images acquired great popularity for their suitable profile pictures on Discord and social media. A new banana token is also created which gives the CyberKongz  genesis the ability to automatically generate 10 tokens per day for the next 10 years.”

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