Investors Lost About $140M – Businessman Accused in Crypto Scam

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In recent times, the crypto industry is witnessing a massive rise of scamming and fraudulent alerts in the marketplace. As crypto adoption is heading high on one side, investors, traders are in a fear of losing their assets on the other. Starting from this year, many crypto scams affected the lives of investors in millions. 

Pointing out the sad scenario, Ricardo Badoer, is a businessman and the owner of Kenyan football club is caught red-handed in a crypto scam. With his digital asset, Aidos Kuneen token, Badoer defrauded investors of more than $140 million. 

Aidos Kuneen Token Scammed $140M

Notably, with a very smart move, Badoer used his own Aidos Kuneen to carry forward the crypto scam defrauding the investors. At present, many reports are popping up stating Badoer is the mastermind behind these scamming plans linked with illegal crimes. 

Further the reports are very clear, raising the claim against Badoer for holding on to the token belonging to the investors. Besides, the FC owner was continuing to threaten and harass the investors for reaching out to the police authorities. Also, the businessman continues to divert the posts on social media about this problem from the investors end. 

An anonymous user supporting the scam case states,

“Most of the investors are Japanese. And Badoer did not allow any allegations to spread on social networks, thereby blocking all investors on his Telegram or Twitter group.”

However, as Badoer failed to return the investors assets, the victim investors are urging the Central bank of Kenya to interfere in this issue. In support of this scamming issue, a local news station in Kenya, Kahawa Tungu, is ready to submit some original documents against the criminal to the authoritative regulators. 

Thus, it is a hectic time for the businessman for cheating the investors and scamming about $140 million with his single digital token. In addition, Badoer is also facing a hard time failing to pay the benefits of Wazito FC players and the expenses subjecting the club. 

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