Crypto Scam

Phishing Over Indian Crypto Exchange CoinDCX Twitter Account

CoinDCX’s Twitter account was hacked by an unknown hacker and promoted XRP. The hacked account used Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse’s

2 months ago 2 mins read

Hackers Promoted Crypto Via Tamil Nadu Minister’s Twitter Account

Tamil Nadu Electricity Minister’s Twitter account was hacked overnight. The hacked Twitter account promoted Cryptocurrency. An unknown gang hacked Tamil

3 months ago 2 mins read

Gambling Over NFTs Are Increasing

Bored Ape Yacht Club  prices falling below $100,000 this year Scams and gambling in the NFT industry are increasing. Over

3 months ago 2 mins read

NFT Portals Becoming Easy Prey For Crypto Scams

NFT hackers targeted Zeneca’s Twitter account. Yuga Labs recently warned NFT platforms about the threat from the scammers. Nowadays, the

4 months ago 2 mins read

Will Bitcoin Stealer Be a Threat to Crypto Wallets?

Malware targets near 30 crypto wallets and browsers to steal money. Cybercriminals unusually push the users to download the software.

5 months ago 2 mins read

FBI Warned Crypto Fraudulent on LinkedIn

LinkedIn deactivated more than 32 million fake profiles in its network. 136 million spam content was removed from the site.

5 months ago 2 mins read

Binance Joins Hands With Pakistan for Busting $100M Scam

FIA of Pakistan confirms $100 million crypto scam. Binance announces complete cooperation with Pakistan FIA. Pakistan FIA determined to find

11 months ago 2 mins read

Indian Authorities Seize Assets in $162M Morris Coin Crypto Scam

Scammers are on the rise as more Indians begin to trade in various coins. The scammers are accused of defrauding

11 months ago 2 mins read

Investors Lost About $140M – Businessman Accused in Crypto Scam

In recent times, the crypto industry is witnessing a massive rise of scamming and fraudulent alerts in the marketplace. As

11 months ago 2 mins read

Compromised Google Cloud Accounts Used for Crypto Mining by Hackers

Russian speakers were identified as the perpetrators of cybercrime. Google advises its cloud users to use two-factor authentication. Hackers are

1 year ago 2 mins read