iExec RLC is Now Live on

iExec RLC is Now Live on
  • iExec RLC listed on several centralized listings.
  • RLC price surged to $16.50 from $3.16 within a week.
  • Collaborations with Google and IBM triggered its price.

Decentralized exchanges(DEX) have boomed since the mid-year of 2020, and in 2021 developers and investors are rushing to DEX as they continue to tie up with new projects.

A blockchain-based decentralized cloud computing system, iExec RLC is listed on many centralized exchanges, thus indicates CEX listings carry the most weight.

According to the data with the CoinMarketcap, RLC price surged to $16.50 from $3.16 within a week, this shows its rapid hike of value.

Many CEX Listings Followed by NASDAQ Direct Listing

Moreover, energy for RLC is kicking higher since the announcement of listing on Coinbase, the top U.S. exchange made a massive effect in the financial markets followed by its direct listing on NASDAQ.

Additionally, RLC listed on Huobi and Bithumb exchange as per the announcement on May 5, besides another announcement of the official start of the iExec developer rewards program which receives an extra boost.

The rewards program is allotted $1 million to “inspire developers to discover the opportunities for innovation made possible with the iExec $RLC protocol.”

Moreover, iExec has reached new records followed with the tweet about the participation in EU-backed Data Cloud Project.

Furthermore, the value of RLC surged more after the announcement about iExec’s association in ‘Trusted compute’ with Ethereum (ETH) Alliance, Google’s confidential cloud computing program, the Confidential Computing Consortium, and its collaboration with IBM.

In addition, iExec RLC has captured its position after having a partnership with some biggest cloud computing providers and listings on several centralized exchanges.

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