Ethereum Mainnet Shadow Fork 10 Successfully Deployed

Poloniex Backs Ethereum Proof of Work Fork Ahead of Merger
  • The shadow fork 10 went live 26 hours early than scheduled.
  • On September 19, the Ethereum core team stated that the merging will be deployed.

After months of speculation, Ethereum has made yet another minor but critical step toward its long-anticipated move to Proof of Stake (PoS). Ethereum’s tenth shadow fork, which was supposed to go live later but went live 26 hours early instead. One or two particular adjustments are practiced in a shadow fork before the actual merging takes place; these forks are called “shadow forks.”

Unlike the Sepolia testnet hard fork that happened earlier this month, this is not a complete testnet hard fork. When the Ethereum mainnet is moved over to a test network for a full-scale merging rehearsal, it is known as a “testnet.”

Highly Anticipated Merge Event

For the third and last time before the merging can go into effect, Ethereum’s final testnet, Goerli, which is set to launch on August 11th, was used to rehearse the releases that will take place during the final testnet’s shadow fork.

Over the last two years, the timetable for the merger has changed multiple times. On September 19, the Ethereum core team stated that the merging will be deployed. The Goerli testnet is the last big event left before that event. Decentralized finance (DeFi) activity will be shifted from a proof-of-work paradigm to a proof-of-stake one as a result of this merger.

New Ethereum is now generated by an energy-intensive process in which so-called “miners” concentrate enormous amounts of computational power on solving challenging problems with the expectation of getting blocks of new ETH. 

To replace the mining process, the merge will allow holders of 32 ETH or more to commit their current ETH in order to produce new ETH. This new form of Ethereum network will be 99.9% greener, as stated by the Ethereum Foundation itself.

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