EOS To Reach New ATH Owing To EOS.IO’s Supremacy

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It’s a usual thing, prominent CEOs commenting and boasting about their own products upon the crypto industry. Likewise, the CEO of Block.one took over to the social media platform Twitter in order to express his confidence over his epic blockchain platform EOS.IO and its native token the EOS. 

The CEO’s Perceptions

Block.one is a prominent technological company that provides all sorts of blockchain based services to its clients majorly upon its very own blockchain platform, the EOS.IO. Moreover, the firm extends its services profusely for all sorts of attributes of the blockchain ecosystem. These accounts, DApps, smart contracts, and many other DeFi based services. 

In spite of all this, the most unique feature of EOS.IO is that it could process about one million transactions per second on the platform. Therefore, this promotes the EOS.IO extremely, and recently it’s the most preferred blockchain platform for the developers to bring out their applications. 

Furthermore, the DApps adaptability upon the EOS.IO is seamless to that with the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. Also, the transaction fees are highly negligible. 

Despite being started in 2017, Block.one has established itself very well so far owing to its blockchain EOS.IO. In addition, the platform lends its services to more than 100 DApps actively in a day. 

Besides, with such an amazing product performing so awesomely upon the blockchain industry, the CEO of Block.one (B1), Brendan Blumer is sure proud of himself.

Accordingly, the CEO took to Twitter, posting a tweet on his official page. Also, in the tweet, Blumer depicts clearly that his blockchain platform, the EOS.IO is at present the most performing blockchain. In addition, he adds that the EOS.IO is establishing itself so profusely, that it’s advancing rapidly in the industry. 

Furthermore, indirectly he conveys that the success and much more bright future of EOS.IO will propel its native token the EOS to newer heights. On the other hand, upon this tweet and the present performance of the EOS.IO, it’s highly evident that EOS will reach its all-time high surpassing its previous high of $22.71.

EOS Standings

It’s a known fact that whatever cryptocurrency which is backed up by a blockchain, will for sure wouldn’t vanish away. It will persist upon the market with much higher standards than compared to others. Furthermore, in times of market crashes too, the token will stabilize itself more easily due to its blockchain platform being active.

Likewise, it’s the same case with the EOS too. The current market price of EOS at the time of writing stands about $5.59 with an overall surge of about 5.82% for the past 24 hours, which is quite impressive. Also, the overall market cap values about $5.37 billion totally.  

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