Cardano Builds Its First Cross-Chain Bridge to Nervos

Cardano Builds Its First Cross-Chain Bridge to Nervos
  • Both blockchains allow users to create their own tokens for Dapps.
  • Building with Nervos is the first cross-chain bridge for Cardano.
  • The bridge allows users to use both native coins interchangeably.

The China public blockchain Nervos builds a cross-chain bridge to Cardano to enable interoperability over their platforms in six weeks. It is the first cross-chain bridge for Cardano. 

Significantly, this could be a massive booster for Nervos as it will result in an increased number of users. Cardano is one of the leading cryptocurrencies in the market with a total market cap of $58.2 billion and holds fourth place.

Moreover, the bridge allows users to transact both native coins ADA and CKB and can create their own tokens across both blockchains. Besides, Force bridge is Nervos’s own cross-chain technology.

The developers can create their own tokens to build Dapps as well as this bridge may reduce transaction fees and remove compatibility. In addition, Cardano and CKB developers will gain access to the user bases of both networks. The bridge may make both networks more attractive to developers.

IOHK CTO Romain Pellerin believes that the interconnection of both public blockchains may result in massive adoption. Also helps end-users not to get locked into one network and can have a seamless experience. Adding to this, he states:

“We can ensure that blockchain lives up to its promises of creating a fairer and more efficient global financial operating system by connecting blockchain communities and finding innovative ways to collaborate, as we have done with Nervos.”

Mousebelt is a full-service blockchain accelerator and will contribute to the bridge’s construction with financial support from Nervos. Cardano’s team will contribute its knowledge and resources to connect Cardano to the bridge.

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