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Does Elon Musk Accept Bitcoin Cash as Payment?

Does Elon Musk Accept Bitcoin Cash as Payment? Altcoin News
  • Youtuber to buy 111 Tesla Model 3s if the company is ready to receive BCH.
  • Tesla will reach the peak in sales when Musk accepts BCH rather than BTC.
  • YouTuber tries to trigger Elon Musk to post about BCH.
  • As a result, the price of BCH would boost up.

A Youtuber who owns Bitcoin cash (BCH) plans to purchase 111 Tesla Model 3s. However, this will happen only if Elon Musk accepts BCH as payment.

The Australian Youtuber elucidates to his followers the fact that Tesla would make a huge hit in sales. More so, many Bitcoin Cash holders are ready to spend their cryptocurrency while on the contrary Bitcoin supporters want to hold them.

Last month, the Bitcoin Cash users were shocked to learn that Musk has given BTC as an option for payment method. But not added BCH as an option.

The controversy is spread among the social media platform for the recent post of the Youtuber. Even more, it is uncertain to decide whether he has posted for publicity. In addition,  when it reaches Musk there is more possibility to receive a reply about BCH from him which may result in a hike in BCH price.

In earlier videos, the YouTuber has shown his wallet which holds enough to buy three Tesla. On Reddit, he explains that he did not want to reveal his other wallets for security purposes.

Moreover, he predicts that he would hold $1 billion when BCH reaches $50,000 by 2025. If this is fact-based then it means he holds about $14.88 million with the present price.

BCH supporters have already bought crypto into Musk’s notice. On March 25, replying to Musk’s tweet“You can now buy a Tesla with Bitcoin”, KimDom compared BCH and BTC median fee saying “BCH is serving the mass market, not just 1%”.

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