Thu, November 30

Bitcoin Reddit Attained 3M Subscribers to Rank 113th Globally

Reddit Follows Twitters Footsteps, Plans NFT as Profile Picture for Users Bitcoin News

Reddit, American social news exceeds the subscribers to 3 million and ranks 113th subreddit globally. The surpass of subscribers increased the popularity of Bitcoin among global users. 

Besides, Finblod reveals data saying,

“The bitcoin subreddit has attained 3.05 million subscribers to rank as the 113th subreddit globally as of June 8th, 2021.”

Moreover, the biggest subreddits globally share their number of subscribers. The r/announcements subreddit attained 103 million users and ranks top. Followed by r/funny subreddit ranks second with 36 million users.

Bitcoin’s Popularity Urges the Subscribers

Further, the reddit application shares information related to crypto, bitcoin and other investment methods to attract the users. Besides the present subscribers are updated with data related to crypto industry and market trading news.

Once the user subscribes, they will automatically receive notifications and messages related to bitcoin. Bitcoin subreddit created the platform in September 2017, two years after the release of bitcoin white paper.

Similarly, Bitcoin reddit noted a hype in users since December 2017 when bitcoin price reached a ATH of $20,000. This indicates bitcoin can attract more users to the digital currency world.

Additionally, Reddit has become one the busiest social media platforms. The platform gained more subscribers relative to the financial market. Besides, increased activity on the WallStreetBets forum was responsible for a rise in the value of GameStop shares.

Significantly, Hundreds of subreddits are dedicated to specific cryptocurrencies; most are still new and tend to imitate r/bitcoin. Social media platforms entirely favors crypto space expanding its positive advancement and all crypto-related information. 

Likewise, reddit ensures supporting the crypto industry offering more ideas and discussion about the crypto based content and digital currency sectors.

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