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Cristiano Ronaldo Goals Blockchain Digital Trophy

Cristiano Ronaldo Goals Blockchain Digital Trophy Blockchain News

Cryptocurrency, blockchain, and non-fungible tokens (NFT) have now become a prominent part of the sports ecosystem. Starting from racing companies, NBA teams, baseball leagues, and furthermore all have incorporated blockchain technology and NFT through many terms. Upon this, now trophies are taking digital forms too.

Ronaldo’s Digital Trophy

The international Portuguese team captain, Cristiano Ronaldo needs no introduction when it comes to the game of soccer. He has secured an everlasting place in the history of soccer. 

Furthermore, in the recent UEFA EURO 2020 series, the Portuguese captain has secured the top spot in the overall rankings. In spite of playing only in four matches in the UEFA EURO 2020 series, Ronaldo ranks the top by securing five goals.

Besides topping the chart in Alipay Top Scorer rankings, Ronaldo will be receiving a trophy in a completely digital form. This will be the first-ever trophy being given in a digital form through blockchain.

Moreover, the first-time trophies are handed in a digital form, denoting the influence of the crypto and blockchain era.

In addition, Alipay will be the first to make trophies in digital form by using blockchain technology. Also, all the scores for the Alipay score rankings for the top three ranks will be directly incorporated into the AntChain blockchain. 

AntGroups Forecasts and History

Upon all this, the CEO of AntGroup, Eric Jing presented his felicitations to Cristiano Ronaldo upon the top ranking in Alipay. 

In addition, the CEO states the use of blockchain technology for safeguarding such precious goal-scoring moments will surely be an epic feature. 

Also, the CEO reveals that it will continuously innovate and develop new attributes with blockchain technologies. In spite of all this, all these new innovative measures are all sought to bring the game even closer to their fans. 

With such futuristic plans together, it’s also speculated AntGroup will be bringing in NFTs based on UEFA.

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