Coinbase CEO Says Apple Still Restrictive and Hostile Towards Cryptocurrency

CoinBase-Apple-Crypto Exchange

On Aug 23, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Tweeted about the $2 trillion tech giant Apple for being very restrictive and hostile to the cryptocurrency in the past few years.

Brain said,

Apple has been very restrictive and hostile to cryptocurrency over the years. They’re still blocking some functionality right now, including the ability to earn money with cryptocurrency by completing tasks, and unrestricted dapp browsers.

Through Coinbase Earn platform users can earn cryptocurrency by just learning about cryptocurrency by watching videos and answering quizzes. Brain says that Apple now wanted to block the earning platform. 

Apple seems to have a long history of hostility towards crypto. In December 2019, both Apple and Google’s Android app store Google Play removed DAPPs in its application, since Coinbase wanted to comply with the rules of Apple’s App Store.  Apple users are unable to use DAPPs unfortunately.

In 2018, Coinbase was also instructed to remove access to cryptocurrency collectibles from its iOS app. In 2013, just one month after the launch of Coinbase’s app, it was pulled from the App Store without any explanation.

Although Apple remains on the sidelines of the cryptocurrency boom, last year Vice President of Apple Pay Jennifer Bailey said crypto had long-term potential.

Bailey said,

We think it’s interesting. We think it has interesting long-term potential.

Apple is an American multinational technology company that develops, designs, and sells consumer electronics, online services, and computer software. It is one of the Big Tech companies, like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook.

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