Coinbase Allows US Users to Purchase Crypto with PayPal

Coinbase Allows US Users to Purchase Crypto with PayPal
  • CoinBase has added the PayPal option to purchase crypto.
  • This feature is now applicable only for US Coinbase users.
  • The exchange would fetch its support to many countries.

The cryptocurrency exchange CoinBase made an announcement that it has added PayPal as an option to buy cryptocurrency which is a simpler and easier way for users. Moreover, this feature is now available only for US CoinBase users. CoinBase would fetch its support for more countries in the coming months. 

Coinbase adds,

“We are now offering millions of customers in the US a simple and speedy way to buy crypto on Coinbase using your debit cards and bank accounts linked to PayPal.“

Additionally, users can purchase up to $25,000 per day. In addition, users can purchase crypto with the connected bank account through ACH or wire transfer, or debit card.

Furthermore, PayPal offers a new feature “checkout with crypto”, which allows users to spend their crypto on other merchants. In addition, the customers can buy, sell, and hold cryptocurrencies. 

More so, at present PayPal natively supports only Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash, while dozens of crypto are available in CoinBase.

Besides, with terms of conditions, PayPal states crypto assets of the users cannot be transferred from one crypto hub to another crypto wallet. The charge for the purchase of crypto through PayPal is 3.99% fees. Whereas depositing USD from PayPal to CoinBase is 2.5% fees.

Furthermore, Coinbase exchange is one of the most aggressive networks in the crypto space. Recently, Coinbase has listed itself in Nasdaq. This shows crypto dominates the world’s financial system.

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