Coin Cloud Set to Operate 2000 Crypto Kiosks This Year

Coin Cloud Set to Operate 2000 Crypto Kiosks This Year

One of the world’s biggest Crypto Kiosk providers is Coin Cloud, which has been expanding vigorously over the past year. The company has partnered up with a lot of large realtors. Texas based grocery chain H-E-B has been a long term partner of the company. 

The company which is headquartered in Las Vegas had 1,250 kiosks in December.  However, since then they have started to expand. H-E-B has been a strategic partner with 29 kiosks in its Houston locations alone. 

Other companies that have partnered up with Coin Cloud are CAL’s Convenience stores with 200 locations, United Natural Foods with 300. Moreover, UNFI management has agreed to a deal of having a kiosk at all 4000 locations.

In the statement issued by the company the CEO Chris McAlary said, “Our growth is a tangible representation of interest in digital currencies and of Coin Cloud’s mission to provide communities with seamless options to buy and sell,”

Expansion of Coin Cloud

The company has been in partnership talks with the National Alliance of Trade. Which would give them access to 6,000 retail store locations. The company’s Kiosk is also now giving access to over 20 different cryptocurrencies. 

The company has a wide range of access, with Kiosk in 47 states and international presence in Brazil. The Kiosk allows users to buy/sell crypto with any form of fiat payment. Be it debit/credit card as well as cash.    

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