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Cardano (ADA) Successfully Implemented Mary Hard Fork

Cardano (ADA) Successfully Implemented Mary Hard Fork Altcoin News
  • Cardano (ADA) successfully implemented Mary hard fork.
  • The Cardano blockchain has become a multi-asset chain.
  • With the Mary upgrade, users can create tokens on Cardano.

The much-awaited Cardano Mary hard fork is successfully implemented last night. More so, Daedalus was launched along with the hard fork but is still undergoing testing.

Moreover, the Mary upgrade also belongs to the Goguen suite of upgrades. And is predated by the Shelly and Byron upgrades. However, Cardano used the Hard Fork Combinator (HFC) approach for this upgrade. 

Cardano Mary Upgrade

The Cardano blockchain has now become a multi-asset chain with its hard fork today. With the Mary upgrade, users can create tokens on Cardano. More so, users can create tokens by three methods.

Firstly, using the Cardano command line interface which is for advanced users (CLI). Secondly, using token builder graphical user interface (GUI) for intermediary users. Thirdly, the Daedalus wallet supports multi-asset and is for users who don’t wish to create their own tokens.

Even more, the Daedalus wallet is the first Cardano multi-currency wallet. Cardano also announced that it launched the Daedalus Flight on its testnet. Currently, Daedalus supports SPOs and devs to test native token transfers along with ADA.

Furthermore, the ADA fans commented on Twitter, giving strong support for the blockchain network.

Recently, Cardano (ADA) became the third-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. According to CoinGecko, the ADA also set a new ATH of $1.48.

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