Budweiser Gets ‘Beer.eth’ Domain For 30 ETH, Rocket’s NFT For 8 ETH

Budweiser Gets ‘Beer.eth’ Domain For 30 ETH,Rocket’s NFT For 8 ETH

The world’s most favorite beer, the Budweiser has long had an eye upon the growing digital assets and market space. In spite of this Budweiser joined hands with VaynerX recently in bringing in non-fungible tokens (NFT) based upon itself. However, seeking the true potential of such digital assets, Budweiser takes a step further. Now, Budweiser has bought the domain ‘Beer.eth’ for about 30 Ethereum (ETH). Apart from this, Budweiser has also bought one NFT from the stables of Rocket NFTs too. 

Beer.eth Domain Purchase

The renowned beer brand seeks to move much further into the future compared to the other competitors. Yes, with collaborating as much as it could with the crypto industry’s attributes, especially the NFT market. It’s true that the adoption of newer technologies is vital for the sustenance of any sort of business in this world. If not, they lose their market and vanish away.

Taking this to a serious note, Budweiser started making its mark in the NFT industry this year. Accordingly, Budweiser integrated itself with VaynerX a few months back recently. They are determined in bringing out new NFTs based on Budweiser, thereby promoting the brand further to the future. In addition to this, seeking the true potential of the NFT market and taking this as their branding and marketing strategy, Budweiser now establishes itself much further into the NFT industry.

Furthermore, Budweiser announces officially that they have acquired the domain name ‘Beer.eth’ for about 30 Ethereum (ETH). This corresponds to approximately $95,000 directly. However, the true intentions of Budweiser upon buying this domain are yet unknown and kept a controversy. Either they intend to make use of the domain or it’s just a simple digital asset purchase that is kept a secret.

Buying of Rocket NFT

 Besides purchasing a new domain for quite a high price owing to the shortness and crispness of the domain name, Budweiser now purchases an NFT from the NFT platform Rocket. 

The Rocket NFT is a platform that extends support to all sorts of services related to buying, selling, and trade of NFTs, creation of new NFTs, custom-made NFTs including domain names too. On the other hand, this is also speculative if Budweiser has bought its ‘Beer.eth’ domain from the same Rocket NFT firm! 

Accordingly, Budweiser has purchased a rocket image NFT from the Rocket NFT firm for about 8 ETH, which values to about $26,000 approximately. In spite of this, Budweiser has changed its Twitter profile icon image to the Rocket-themed NFT, which is the one bought by it.

In addition, the team from Ab InBev, under which Budweiser comes, states that the recent steps taken by their firm are just their initial pillars upon the whole NFT market. Also, they express they are extremely cheerful with joining with Rocket NFT, hoping for a better prolific future for both of them mutually. 

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