How to Become a ‘Trillionaire’ Overnight With Just $20 Crypto Investment in Coinbase

How to Become a ‘Trillionaire’ Overnight With Just $20 Crypto Investment in Coinbase

Ever since cryptocurrency took over the world, each and every day is of a surprise. Every day a new update, a new cryptocurrency playing the hero for the day in the market, the fall of a prominent cryptocurrency, etc are some events that bring the element of surprise for crypto enthusiasts. Accordingly, an American student pursuing nursing woke up from bed and found himself a ‘Trillionaire’ overnight.

How Williamson Became a Trillionaire

The overnight Trillionaire scenario happened on the morning of July 16th. Like every American, Williamson woke up about 9 am in the morning checking his phone as usual. On checking his phone, he went inside his Coinbase wallet to check how his cryptos were doing. Startled in surprise and with avid shock, Williamson nearly fell out from his bed. 

Furthermore, on the same day not knowing what to do and completely puzzled, Williamson started tweeting regarding it. 

williamson portfolio

Williamson had bought a mere cryptocurrency ‘Rocket Bunny’ for just $20 on Coinbase exchange. This mere $20 investment turned into 1 trillion just overnight making Williamson the first-ever ‘Trillionaire’ in the world.  

Coinbase Replies to Williamson

Williamson on his 1st tweet commented humorously that he has a big yacht booking pending, to confirm further from his one trillion. Furthermore, in response, the Coinbase team replied two days after replying to his tweet. They too replied hysterically stating his yacht may have to wait. Moreover, Coinbase replied and agreed that all this is due to some error on their ERC20s. In addition, they depicted they are working more to fix it. 

The rice of Rocket Bunny last seen was just 12 decimal places after. The price is $0.000000000036. Rocket Bunny value however decreased furthermore. Thus, contradicting the fact it would never be possible for Williamson to become a trillionaire ever in the near future.

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