NFTs and on-Demand Satellites Collaborated To Save Africa’s Wildlife

NFTs and on-Demand Satellites Are Collaborated To Save Africa’s Wildlife
  • Exodus Orbital partnering with Lady Rocket Foundation.
  • Exodus Orbita Partnering with Copernic Space.
  • Collaboration is to protect African wildlife.

Exodus Orbitals Inc., a satellite virtualization solution company has announced its partnership with the Lady Rocket Foundation to put in satellite technology and non-fungible token (NFT) to protect African wildlife against plunder and climate change.

Furthermore, California Space Centre CEO, who is also known as Lady rocket, is a third-generation Space investor and entrepreneur. Lady Rocket Foundation, latest established in the field of applying NFTs to find alternative financing sources for humanitarian and space-related initiatives through the association with Saving the Survivors on the Satellite Rhino NFT series.

Exodus Orbital Partnering with Copernic Space

According to the partnership, Exodus Orbital’s space-on-demand satellite mission planned to launch in 2022, and NFTs will utilized to acquire and access observation activities for definite areas of concern through this latest partnership with space belonging company Copernic Space.

More so, this partnership will gradually increase the protection of several endangered animals at risk by plunder and climate change every year.

Moreover, the CEO and founder of Exodus Orbitals, Dennis Silin noted,

“By partnering with Copernic Space and Lady Rocket Foundation we can push the space industry into the next chapter of openness and accessibility”.

Although, Exodus Orbitals and Copernic Space have been working together for getting licenses to their solution and making it available in the market globally on the Copernic Space platform.

Therefore, this initiative of Exodus Orbitals, Copernic Space will enable users to easily acquire and access a Satellite Ride-sharing API license through an NFT. That allows them to request Exodus Orbitals to capture definite images from the satellite.

This new partnership of Exodus Orbitals with the Lady Rocket Foundation, and Copernic Space in this mission set a new example for the space economy in democratizing. And making space assets more readily available to the advantage of people and animals globally.

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