Bamboo Coo Warns Against Cryptocurrency Becoming a Boys Club

  • Cryptocurrency must not be allowed to become a boys club
  • In Crypto exchange just only 23% of investors are Women
  • Cryptocurrency investments are worth more than 3.3 trillion dollars

Local crypto executive Tracey Plowman has advised that Australia’s fast-growing cryptocurrency sector must not be allowed to become a ‘boys club’ like the rest of the finance world.

Ms. Plowman, the chief operating officer of Bamboo, a Perth-based crypto micro-investments technology company, told The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald that emerging assets like For women, Bitcoin, and Ethereum provided an alternative to the male-dominated financial sector.

It gives individuals the opportunity to improve their finances and increase their wealth. But it also allows them to get involved in this relatively new industry.

When contrasted to specific other financial sectors, the crypto industry is relatively new, having begun only 11 years ago in 2009 with the birth of Bitcoin. Considering this, it is projected that the total market capitalisation of all cryptocurrency investments is worth more than 3.3 trillion dollars.

Nevertheless, according to a recent report by BTCMarkets, Australia’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, only 23% of investors are female. This becomes even worse when viewed on a global scale, with additional research revealing that only 12 to 15% of Ethereum and Bitcoin dealers are female.

However, industry leaders such as Ms. Plowman are working hard to reverse these statistics. She reveals that her first journey into the crypto realm was in 2018 when she worked at blockchain-focused investment firm DCM, where she was in charge of marketing and branding.

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