Axie Infinity- NFT Game Closed $152M in Series B Funding

Axie Infinity- NFT Game Closed $152M in Series B Funding

Sky Mavis, the developer of a blockchain based gaming platform secures nearly $152 million closing Series B funding rounds. He is most popular for his NFT game `Axie Infinity’ which is a play to earn gaming studio. The main aim of Mavis is to create economic freedom for all the gamers through digital networks. 

Sky Mavis- Series B Revolution

Interestingly, the Axie Infinity game was created in 2018 along with an unknown feature of non fungible token (NFT). Today, NFT plays a vital role representing huge digital works acting as a mainstream culture in the marketplace. Thus, it is a big achievement for Axie to be recognized as the largest NFT project of all time. 

Moreover, Mavis was very curious to initiate the Series B funding rounds to develop the gaming infrastructure. Hence it will help to attract a large number of gamers to experience an upgraded version of gaming platform. In addition, the funding rounds were led by popular venture capital fund Andreessen Horowitz. Along with notable investors like central crypto exchange FTX, Investment venture Accel, Paradigm, Standard Crypto, Fabric Ventures and Samsung Next took part in the funding rounds. 

Significantly, the rise in the Series B funding rounds resulted in a huge impact in the price surge of AXS token. The AXS token price spiked up to $145 USD within a day which lifts the standard of the project. Besides, funding process, the Axie community develops innovative features along with popular airdrops and AXS staking which surges the price of the token. 

Additionally, to grab the attention of gamers around the world, Mavis has a clear road map for his success to his project. And this funding round has the ability to connect massive talents across the world. Thus, with a strong user base the gaming infrastructure grows tremendously supporting the NFT games in the near future. 

More so, the remarkable investors of the Series B funding shares

“Sky Mavis can empower the entire gaming space and the team is also building a fuel of play-to-earn NFT gaming and infrastructure. Thus, we are excited to partner with them as they toil to break desired frontiers!”

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