Anticipation on Fire For AMC to Accept Dogecoin

Dogecoin Creator Strongly Criticizes Spammers Flooding His Twitter Timeline

Another speculation is on the rise now, with many fans showing their interest in the meme-based crypto- the Dogecoin (DOGE). Many took to Twitter that Dogecoin should be incorporated upon numerous attributes profusely owing to its high popularity. Also, the fact that it is the seventh-largest cryptocurrency in terms of market cap value. 

In spite of all such suggestions, now DOGE has taken on AMC Entertainment Holdings, one of the largest chains of cinemas in the world. 


Many of the Dogecoin fans have put forth that DOGE should be into AMC (American Multi-Cinemas) Entertainments. All this started at first with the famous YouTuber, Steven Steele who took this to Twitter.

Upon his tweet, Steele says AMC should soon start accepting DOGE. In addition, he adds that AMC on incorporating DOGE makes a lot of sense though. 

On the other hand, Steele himself is quite influential in terms of the crypto industry as most of what he talks about on his YouTube channel is of it. Also, he has about 4.1k subscribers to his channel and 10k on Twitter.

Besides, what took this news too hot is, the Dogman, Elon Musk himself liking Steven Steele’s Tweet. 

Amidst all the market busy on Bitcoin (BTC) and Amazon stocks, Steele has turned all heads towards Dogecoin and AMC.  

Moreover, all the DOGE fans extend their support towards Steels’ tweet, many contradicting that once AMC accepts DOGE, this will propel DOGE to the moon!

It’s All Risky’s Views

The quite famous crypto critic who goes by the name ‘ItsALLrisky’ who has over 174.6k followers on Twitter, also extended his support to Steele’s tweet.

‘ItsALLrisky’ who once was a Bitcoin (BTC) enthusiast shifted to DOGE ever since its prominence in the market.

Furthermore, on ItsALLrisky’s tweet, both the CEO of AMC, Adam Aron, and Elon Musk too. Also, he insists Aron make DOGE coin acceptance for AMC as also the Dogman, Elon Musk, himself accepts the idea.

Accordingly, ‘ItsALLrisky’ states once AMC accepts DOGE, both firms will contradict mutual benefits profusely. Also, the value of AMC’s stocks will rise along with the price of DOGE too.

However, this might be a great move for AMC, as their stocks have fallen down for the past two days.

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