AdaSwap Collaborates With COTI Issued- Djed Stablecoin

AdaSwap, a Cardano Ecosystem Builder All Set For Launch of Public Testnet
  • AdaSwap will explore listing Djed on the AdaSwap DEX.
  • AdaSwap users that provide liquidity in Djed trading pairs will be rewarded.

AdaSwap, the inventor of the AdaSwap ecosystem, has collaborated with Djed to examine how it may be connected to the AdaSwap DEX, the first decentralized exchange on the Cardano network. AdaSwap will explore listing Djed on the AdaSwap DEX and utilize Djed’s stablecoin network.

A native, gamified DEX for Cardano will enable the crypto community to exchange their tokens in seconds for affordable costs. Part of the project is creating a Cardano NFT marketplace and fixed-term, high-yield liquidity pools where token holders may stake, buy and sell NFTs while earning interest.

Djed acts as an autonomous institution using an algorithmic, Cardano-based stablecoin system that buys and sells at a predetermined price. Decentralized financial activities are ideal for Djed because of its pricing stability. Minting and burning tokens keep the price constant by providing a reserve base.

Lennon Qualmann, CEO of AdaSwap, said:

“As a Cardano believer, I love seeing COTI’s strong involvement in the Cardano space, it shows the potential being created for the Cardano ecosystem by innovative participation.”

Complexity, costs, worldwide inclusion, congestion, and hazards associated with DeFi are addressed by COTI’s finance on the blockchain ecosystem. Consensus technique based on machine COTI uses Trustchain to do this. The Trustchain method uses a revolutionary multi-DAG data structure that is scalable, rapid, private, inclusive, low-cost, and tailored for finance.

COTI is in charge of publishing the Djed stablecoin’s smart contracts and minting Djed and the reserve coins used in its pegging mechanism. AdaSwap users that provide liquidity in Djed trading pairs will be rewarded.

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