Thu, May 23

AdaSwap, a Cardano Ecosystem Builder All Set For Launch of Public Testnet

AdaSwap, a Cardano ecosystem builder supporting Cardano’s first decentralized exchange sponsored by Gal Gadot and Shima Capital, is preparing to deploy its testnet on June 29, the day of its official debut. Using the Ethereum Virtual Machine capabilities makes AdaSwap the first to debut on the Milkomeda Network. Over the

June 29, 2022 2 mins read

AdaSwap Collaborates With COTI Issued- Djed Stablecoin

AdaSwap will explore listing Djed on the AdaSwap DEX. AdaSwap users that provide liquidity in Djed trading pairs will be rewarded. AdaSwap, the inventor of the AdaSwap ecosystem, has collaborated with Djed to examine how it may be connected to the AdaSwap DEX, the first decentralized exchange on the Cardano

December 21, 2021 1 min read

ADASwap Launches IDO on Cardstarter

ADASwap, who is the builder for the Cardano ecosystem, plans to set up the first DEX on the Cardano network. ADASwap is also launching a token sale on Cardstarter in efforts to raise funds from passionate investors and therefore be an enabler for sustainable growth of the Cardano network.  Cardano

December 14, 2021 3 mins read