World’s First Museum for Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) In Seattle

World’s First Museum for Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) In Seattle
  • The World’s first NFT museum opened to the public in Seattle.
  • NFT museum displays crypto arts and galleries for the visitors. 
  • Seattle NFT Museum exhibits 3D artworks of futuristic characters. 

Over a year, the market performance of NFTs are just massively rising.  Into the digital world attracting a lot of users through its digital artworks. As it is continuously growing mature in the marketplace, NFTs became the centerpoint for the art of the digital world. 

In regards to NFTs great achievements, the world’s first ever museum for non-fungible tokens has opened.  Thus, it is the time for the public to explore more about NFTs from January 27 in Seattle.  

Furthermore, Beeple’s artwork was sold for around $69M at a Christie’s auction which is the memorable NFT art of 2021. 

World’s First NFT Museum

As to explore the museum, the infrastructure covers over 3,000-square-foot. Thereby, exhibiting the innovative artworks and gallery prominently dedicated to crypto art. Further, the museum is holding attractive wall texts and works hanging with high-resolution screens.

Thus, through this, the museum is aiming to increase and educate important knowledge of NFTs to the visitors. In addition, the wall texts explain the facts and information about blockchain art and appoint a staff to address the visitors for relevant discussions.

However, to add more interest to the visitors, the museum initiated to keep the history of NFTs marking its origin from 2014. Pointing to this idea, Quantum- an NFT-type certificate of ownership by Kevin McCoy is displayed in the museum. 

Additionally, the catchy artwork includes glossy and futuristic characters introduced by Blake Kathryn who is a 3D artist working in Los Angeles. Along with this, some parts of the museum is with 3D environments visualized by Neon Saltwater, interior designer in Seattle. 

More so, to be even more interesting, the museum showcases some pleasing photographs by Charles Peterson, who clicks grunge scenes of the late 1980s to early 1990s in Seattle. Also some good looking white and black images of performances by Alice in Chains, Soundgarden and Nirvana- the popular rock bands from Seattle.

Furthermore, the NFT Museum Co-founder shares, 

“Our idea is to create a space to explore the NFT works. Thus, helping to make Seattle on the world map as a home for NFTs and Blockchain innovations. Therefore, we are not experts, we also learn like others.”

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